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How can I make a donation ?

Where can I find the Mobile Bag envelope ?

Currently, the Mobile Bag envelopes are available in all POST Telecom outlets. 

To receive the Mobile Bag envelopes or help to distribute the envelopes in your organisation or company - click here

How can I use the Mobile Bag ?

enveloppe Mobile Bag
Plan de travail 3 copie.png
Plan de travail 3 copie 3.png
Plan de travail 3 copie 2.png

1. Remove your SIM card.

2. Please reset your telephone, it will make it easier to re-use it. If you encounter any problems resetting your mobile phone, go directly to point 3. 

3. Put your phone in the envelope with or without the charger and close the envelope.

Plan de travail 3.png

4. Drop off the envelope in a POST collection point or hand it over directly to your postman or postwoman.

Réinitialiser mon smartphone

How can I reset my smartphone ?

Before donating your smartphone, please reset your phone.

The procedure depends on the model of your smartphone (iPhone or Andriod). Please find the instructions below:

Note: SOLINA Aarbechtshëllef asbl, Digital Inclusion asbl and POST Luxembourg have put all the mechanisms in place to ensure the security/destruction of your personal data. However, we cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use or loss of data that has not been erased from the device by the owner before it was placed in the envelope.

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