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What is the Mobile Bag project ?

The Mobile Bag project is a partnership between POST, Digital Inclusion and SOLINA Aarbechtshëllef asbl. Its objective is to recycle old smartphones and mobile phones gathering dust in our drawers and to refurbish the most recent devices in order to distribute them to people in need in Luxembourg. 

How can I hand in my used smartphone ?

Use the Mobile Bag created for this purpose to donate your used smartphone and old mobile phone. By donating your phone, you’re making a positive impact on the community and the environment by reducing the environmental footprint of your smartphone !

Your old smartphones will be refurbished by Digital Inclusion and given to people in need in Luxembourg. These people are selected by social welfare offices, the Red Cross and Caritas.

Telephones that are too old or cannot be repaired will be recycled in Luxembourg in SOLINA Aarbechtshëllef's occupational integration workshops. They will be dismantled and their raw materials recycled.

Comment faire un don Mobile Bag
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